Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission, Vision & Core Values


Little Owl is a consortium of parents, teachers, and community members dedicated to children’s education through social constructivism, environmentalism, and a Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy.


We strive to cultivate a place of well-being for children, families, teachers, and staff and serve as a resource for our peers, working for positive social change in education.

Core Values

This place is for the child, family, educator, and community.

These are the values that guide us:

  • We value mindful consideration of each other and the environment.
  • We value the innate abilities of children.
  • We value growth through challenges.
  • We value connection as essential to our collective sense of well-being.
  • We come together to honor and support every individual as they are.
  • We work to cultivate a sense of belonging and purpose for all.

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