At Little Owl School, we believe stimulating learning environments are essential for young children’s growth. Research suggests that a nurturing learning environment provides the necessary resources and time for investigative play and experimentation. It is one in which children are free and motivated to make choices and explore answers without feeling intimidated. Opportunities such as these provide the development of critical thinking skills.

Third Teacher

At Little Owl School, the environment is considered the “third teacher” as well as an essential component of our curriculum. This means that the classroom is child- centered, with meaningful and interesting materials provided to facilitate small and large group explorations and focused project work.

A supply of backup materials is kept in storage and used on a rotating basis to supplement interests emerging in children’s play. Some materials are presented with guidance to introduce new skills and techniques. Most are as open-ended as possible to inspire multiple ideas to take form. We believe that children have a right to be educated in an inspiring and welcoming environment.

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