Big Owl Parent Group

Big Owl Parent Group


Purpose of our parent group

  • Involve parents in child’s learning
  • Build community
  • Facilitate communication
  • Support parent education
  • Enrich the classroom by sharing talents and traditions
  • Accompany teachers on field trips. Clearance through Little Owl is mandatory.
  • Support economic diversity through the Little Owl Foundation

We achieve this through

  • Volunteering in the classroom
  • Raising money for identified classroom, teacher, and school needs
  • Hosting parent and community-building events with Little Owl School
  • Parent Liason on Little Owl Foundation Board

All parents of all classrooms are welcome as members of our parent group as there is no membership or required volunteer hours or financial obligation.  Our school is enriched by parental involvement in varied forms it takes. We thank you in advance for lending your time, talents, and treasures.


  • Volunteers in the classroom are required to have a copy of their immunizations on file (TB skin test, influenza, pertussis, measles, and Covid). Please see the front desk for more information.

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