Educator Workshops and Tours

Educator Workshops and Tours


Learning begins with the interactions with people and the environment in which we live. How we connect to ourselves and our community plays a crucial role in what and how we learn. The workshops in this series invite educators to explore how they can help children develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their community. Join us as we work towards changing how young children interact with the world.


At Little Owl, we believe children learn best by discovering and constructing their knowledge in an enriched environment. Children develop and create meaning and a contextual understanding of themselves and the world through relationships with people and materials.

We want to connect with you. How we relate to ourselves, and our community plays a crucial role in what and how we learn. During our tour, participants can observe our classrooms, art studio, food atelier, and outdoor spaces, all while in use. Afterward, our educators will discuss the Image of the child, why and how we use documentation, and the environment as the third teacher. The event will end with a Question & Answer session. Let us share how you can bring these ideas into practice at your school.

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