Our Building

Our Building


The building design was based on playground needs, privacy needs, and maximization of natural light. The form is essentially a large light-fixture for sunlight. Custom sunshades and light shelves work with sloped ceilings and walls to project natural light to all spaces. The need for artificial light is effectively eliminated during the day.

Tall ceilings, large stairwells and functional windows on every wall provide natural ventilation in all spaces to minimize energy use.

Classrooms are connected directly to the playgrounds.


A natural playground integrated with fruit trees and a vegetable garden surrounds the building and plants even thrive on the vertical front and rear walls.

Roof gardens provide private exterior space. The green roofs and green walls assist with building insulation, moderate the temperature on site, minimize water runoff, and provide a beautiful nature-based environment.


Classrooms are located both indoors and outdoors and connect with each other. Anything done inside can also be done outside.

Indoor classroom space is large and flexible with boundaries formed by sliding walls allowing for a variety of space configurations.

Large teacher work areas allow for both private and collaborative group work. New Text

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