Our Staff

Vanessa Sanchez

“The story’s yours, go write it

Tomorrow’s undecided
Our days are counted on this planet
Never take a single breath for granted.”  – Josh Groban

Vanessa’s childhood inspired her to become an educator. From the teachers who encouraged her to visualize and carry through her possibilities to the gender stereotypes in her culture, Vanessa has always believed that children should have a space to express, investigate, question and be involved in their community. Vanessa has been working in the early childhood education scene for eleven years, creating friendships with fellow educators in her journey. Spending time with children has allowed Vanessa to reflect on herself and what she wants to leave behind on this planet. Children are teaching us just as much as they are learning.

Vanessa spends time cleaning beaches with the Sea Shepherd Beach Guardians, advocating for animal rights, participating in charity events, live music, attending soccer matches with her niece and nephew, and creating with paints, brushes and a camera. Vanessa enjoys family game nights and cuddles with her dog Lola, who doubles as her therapist.

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