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Bernadette was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. She came out to Long Beach to attend school at CSULB where she graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering and a double minor in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. She worked for several years in software development until she decided to follow her heart for education. For the next two years, she served as an afterschool program coordinator in Lynwood, CA. She loved the work but resigned after her son was born to stay home with him. While at home, she began taking child development courses at Long Beach City College and discovered a passion for child development and early childhood education. She returned to work part-time as an aide at the LBCC Child Development Center until she joined the Little Owl teaching team.

Bernadette is currently pursuing an MA in Human Development at Pacific Oaks College. Professionally, her goal is to support both young children and the adults responsible for their care and education. She believes that by offering children nurturing environments infused with anti-racist, anti-bias, and social justice principals, we can affect meaningful change in our society.

In her down time, Bernadette enjoys activities that help her feel rested and rejuvenated. She loves being outside in the warmth of the sun. Relaxing at the beach or the park is a favorite pastime of hers. She also enjoys jogging, practicing yoga, and reading. Lately, she’s been exploring #ownvoice novels and looks forward to reading Happily Ever Afters by a member of the Little Owl community, Elise Bryant.

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